About Our Store

Spices of India is a store that has been built over 30 years. While it might have started with just a few Indian products within a small, rental building, it has grown into a large grocery store bringing items from almost every state in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, East Asia, Bangladesh & the Middle East to Oklahoma City. Along with a restaurant, we hold over 20,000+ products from brands like Swad, Laxmi, Deep, Swagat, Fasal, Vadilal, Haldiram, Gits, MTR, Priya, Telugu Foods, Nirapara, Double Horse, Daily Delight, Shan, and National. We offer an online store and in store pickup. Currently, only a small number of our products we offer are available online. Spices of India has grown all because of a missed phone call, traditions, hard work, and the customers and employees who have become family and friends. We think it’s important for you to learn where we come from to understand what we are trying to bring to you – a community that builds memorable moments – whether that is through cooking a meal that brings family together or playing a round of cricket with your kids. To learn more about the moments that brought us here, click Our Story.