Moments That Led Us

In the early 1990’s, Rajni & Nita Patel moved to Detroit, MI after being married in India to a small apartment and had their first son. After losing his job during the economic downturn and applying to jobs, Rajni got a call from his brother about a place called Spices of India in Oklahoma City and went to visit it. Nita at the time went to stay at a friend’s house with their son in Detroit. During that period, they later realized that they had missed a call for a job. In that moment, the missed call of a stable job, especially with a new baby, seemed like the worst luck, but 30 years later has proven to be their biggest blessing because it led them to you and to this moment where you get to learn about the story of Spices of India. As you go through this website, know that moments are precious to us, the small ones like when you see a snack on the shelf that reminds you of home to the big moments like when we first signed to own our first building in 2010. These moments are our story that now includes you. We think it’s important for you to learn where we come from to understand what we are trying to bring to you – a community that build memorable moments – whether that is through cooking a meal that brings family together or playing a round of cricket with your kids. To learn more about the moments that brought us here, click Our Story.